Welcome to Patina

Patina has relocated to Red Door Boutique in Red Oak, Texas. Barbara was determined to find us another home after we were kicked to the curb from our little corner at our brother's electronics store. They needed the space, or so they said. No hard feelings, everything happens for a reason.

Barbara found Red Door and we were able to get a space there at the end of March 2012. Things are really picking up business wise and Barbara has been working very hard to find new things and I have been trying to do some painting projects whenever I can.

Anyway, we will be posting pictures of our inventory and in the meantime, you can find our page on Facebook under Patina. We are halfway to Barbara’s goal of 200 “likes” and then she has a small gift for our 200th like. I have no idea what it is but I’m sure it will be something very “like”able!

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to filling you all in on the goings on in our life and you know with our family, especially with Barbara involved, things are bound to get interesting.

Cassy and Barbara

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Out, out, damn spot

I have a helpful hint to post today. You know sometimes, when you have a stain that you really can't call a carpet company for or even your Mom to ask for help in getting up? I'm not necessarily talking about blood but yeah, this stain was in fact red and not something that the "victim" could call on her family for help, so I will just say this: the solution involved two i-phones, the internet, google, scorching heat, peroxide, a shovel, a bag of lime and a map.... well, maybe not the shovel, bag of lime or the map but here's what I'm talking about and it happened to a very dear friend of mine:


BAD, BAD, BAD thawed frozen (formerly) strawberries. Stained carpet about the size of a kumquat. Not really. It was about the size of a Swedish meatball. No, not really. It was the size of deck of cards.

Used a clean dry cloth to blot the offending strawberry juice until I could blot no more. Then poured hydrogen peroxide over the stain. Once the bubbling stopped I poured more, and then once again. Do not blot this. Then I poured a small amount of boiling water over the area. Again, do not blot this. Let that cool. In the meantime, fire up your iron. Please make sure you have a safe surface to place the iron on. You don’t want to burn your carpet. after the water cools, place a clean dry cloth over the stain and start ironing. It will steam like crazy. I folded the cloth in half and kept on ironing. Looking occasionally to behold with wondrous eyes that the stain was disappearing. AND none of the stain was being transferred to the cloth I was ironing. It is gone. I am sure this process diffused the stain and sent it south down to the concrete, but hey…do I care?

I had the iron on the COTTON setting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We're back......

It's late and I do have to work tomorrow but I couldn't resist adding a few photos of our items for sale in our booth Patina at the Red Door Boutique in Red Oak, Texas. I will be posting more pictures and prices soon but just wanted to get a few things on the page - it looked so naked and ashamed..... Cassy